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ARTWORK - Guidelines & Upload


Please review our artwork guidelines and upload your files at the bottom of this page.


Recommended Formats
Illustrator (.eps, .ai)
 •Convert fonts to outlines
 •Include all linked images

Photoshop (.psd)
 •Save at 150 ppi at full size
 •Save as CMYK
 •If no changes are to be made, artwork may be saved as a TIFF

 •Embed all fonts and images
 •Set image export to 150 dpi

Illustrator files are preferred as they allow the greatest flexibility for sizing graphics to any size without loss of quality.  Art time will be charged if files need to be converted or altered to meet guidelines.

We DO NOT print from or accept layouts for print in these following formats, except for importing text into an actual design program:
MS Publisher, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel

(.jpeg, .bmp, .gif)  These formats are usually used for web graphics.  It is recommended that the resolution be at least 150 dpi at the final size of the image.  Lower resolution will result in lower quality and pixelated images.

NOTE: If you are taking an image from a website, it will not work.  Photos from websites have been formatted to be as small as possible so web pages can load quickly.  These files are generally too small to print.


Bleeds are required on all business cards, fliers and brochures.  We require 1/4" (1/8" on each side).  If artwork is submitted without bleeds, additional charges may apply.

We ask for a .pdf, a low resolution .jpeg or hard copy of the final artwork to ensure that the final output matches your original file.

If color is critical, we require that you supply us with exact PMS colors.  PMS colors must be clearly marked within the file.

Please include your company name in the name of the file.  Avoid simple, basic file names such as "sign" or "logo".

If you are not sure if your files meet the above criteria or if you can not obtain ones that do, send your available files to Sign-A-Rama Southwest Orlando and we will review them.

Upload Your Artwork

Please call Signarama Orlando at 407-960-4700 with any questions.

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